YouTube bans anti-vaccine contents from platform

YouTube bans anti-vaccine contents from platform.

YouTube has announced an extension of its disinformation policy, with the goal of prohibiting anti-vaccine propaganda on the network.

According to a statement on the company’s official blog on Wednesday, the site has had to remove “nearly 130,000 videos for breaching our COVID-19 vaccination standards” since last year.

“We’ve slowly seen erroneous claims about coronavirus vaccinations bleed over into disinformation about vaccines in general, and we’re now at a stage where it’s more critical than ever to expand the work we started with COVID-19 to other vaccines,” according to the article.

The policy will especially target “content that erroneously asserts that authorized vaccinations are harmful and cause chronic health consequences, claims that vaccines do not decrease disease transmission or contraction, or contains misinformation about vaccine ingredients.”

However, given the significance of scientific conversations and debates, the firm has said that the standards would allow information concerning vaccination policy, new vaccine trials, and past vaccine triumphs or failures.

Content on personal vaccine experiences will be permitted as long as the channel does not usually encourage vaccine hesitancy and the video does not break any Community Guidelines.

Earlier this week, YouTube confirmed the closure of two German channels of Russian broadcaster RT, formerly known as Russian Today.
Prior to the suspension, YouTube stated that it had issued a strike to the original channel for breaching its standards on Covid-19 disinformation and that it had been barred from publishing videos on the platform.

However, the firm stated that during the suspension, RT “tried to evade this limitation by uploading its videos to another YouTube channel.” As a result, both channels were removed.

In response, the Russian authorities blasted the Google-owned business for suppressing free expression and threatened to stop YouTube services in the nation unless the channels were reinstated.

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