Windows 12 in 2024

Windows 12 in 2024?

According to rumours, Microsoft is returning to its former strategy of releasing a major update to Windows every three years and adding new features in between, indicating that Windows 12 will be released in 2024.

According to Windows Central’s Zac Bowden(Opens in a new window), who has a great track record in this area, Redmond now intends to “ship’major’ versions of the Windows client every three years, with the next release presently targeted for 2024, three years after Windows 11 arrived in 2021.”

In addition to the three-year cycle, Bowden says the OS development team is instituting “Moments” along the product cycle where they’ll drop new features into released versions of Windows every few months, “up to four times a year.” This suggests that the “Sun Valley 3” update, initially expected for the fall of 2023, is unlikely to appear. However “it’s unclear if Microsoft intends to increment the Windows 11 version number to ‘23H2,'” Bowden says.

Microsoft recently made the formal announcement that it will be performing yearly upgrades for both Windows 11 and its predecessor Windows 10 (Opens in a new window). Additionally, the business used to release updates for Windows 10 every two years. (After stating that it was the “last version of Windows” in 2015.)

In reality, the OS gets updated with significant new features, applications, and design aspects whenever the company determines they are ready, based on real-world testing with the sizable pool of Windows Insider beta testers, regardless of whether the company specifies yearly, triennial, or monthly updates.

A great example of this is the News and interests panel that appeared on the Windows 10 taskbar but not as part of any major update. Comparing Windows 10 in 2015 with Windows 10 in 2020 shows significant differences, though the major version name remained Windows 10.

These transitional feature additions in Windows 11 include included the addition of the Android app store, the fix for the taskbar weather glitch, and the new Media Player app.

Microsoft has not officially commented on its product roadmap, and as we have seen time and time again, it may alter once more in favour of a more effective plan.

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