Why I Accepted the Position of Wildcard – Maria

Why I Accepted the Position of Wildcard – Maria

Maria, a former Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye contestant, has explained why she agreed to enter the show as a Wildcard, or a fictitious roommate.

She revealed this in a Facebook live interview with Punch Online on Wednesday, in which she stated that she accepted the post because she enjoys challenges.

She didn’t find out she was going to be a Wildcard until the day the show premiered, but she accepted to play the part because she likes adventures.

“It happened on the actual morning when the girls were going into the house about 2 a.m.,” Maria explained. We were completely unaware that the guys had come in on a Saturday.

“I had an interview with the creative directors early on Sunday morning, and they asked if I wanted to do this. It was a 50/50 shot. They warned me it may both help and hurt me, depending on how things turned out.

“I enjoy going on adventures. I enjoy challenges, so I didn’t consider the downsides, such as, “What if I don’t deliver this correctly and get evicted after a week?” That would take away the essence and purpose of my appearance on the show.”

She decided to take on the identity after much thought. She did, however, point out that she was unaware of the existence of another Wildcard until Big Brother disclosed it at the start of the episode.

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