War Between Reno Omokri and Natasha Akpoti

War Between Reno Omokri and Natasha Akpoti

Reno Omokri, a former presidential spokesperson, has offered $50,000 to anyone who can produce a photo of him attending Uhuru Kenyatta’s State Banquet in 2014.

Omokri made the offer on his Instagram page on Thursday.

The dispute between Omokri and Natasha Akpoti, a lawyer and politician who accused the former of making a pass at her during Kenyatta’s State Banquet during the Goodluck Jonathan government.

Reno Omokri, on the other hand, refuted the claim and presented proof that he was not in Nigeria at the time of the incident.

“Many photographs were shot at Uhuru Kenyatta’s State Banquet on May 6, 2014, both by the State Organization photographer and by every media house in Nigeria,” he said.

I now offer a $50,000 prize to anyone on Earth who can present a photograph of me at that event, and I promise to pay.

“Even if the snapshot you have is a mobile phone photo, this money will be handed out.” Any kind of photograph will suffice.

“I used to be a Presidential spokesman, and chairs at the front were ALWAYS reserved for us with our names on them.” If the President needs to summon us at any moment, our table is generally one table away from him.

“There are also footage of the event.” Channels, AIT, SilverbirdTV, and other stations broadcast content that is still available on their YouTube pages. There would also have been one or two well-known journalists there. They should have physically beheld me with their eyes.

“Can they come out and swear that they saw me at the event in a written affidavit?” I have supplied indisputable evidence that I was not in Nigeria between May 4 and 7, 2014, when President Uhuru Kenyatta visited the country.

Meanwhile, the person who made the accusation has offered no proof. Isn’t it he or she who claims that he or she must also prove?

“Because the accusation was made by Natasha H Akpoti, who is from Kogi State in the North, I would deposit the money with the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the 19 Northern States.”

“A clear conscience is unafraid of being accused. The truth has the might of a lion. You are under no obligation to defend the truth. It will protect itself if you simply unleash it. I’ve set it free with $50,000 and am now waiting.

“Natasha. Reverse the spelling of that name. Ah-satan!”

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