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AROSE (Lyrics)

Artist: Usen
Produced by Demobek
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Verse 1

His risen brings to reign, 

Sure victory to man.

The grave can’t hold his head.

Hell, strife have all be won.

You’ve broken the chain,rolled away stone, living with the p’wer of earth and sky.

The greatest news is thus, you died and rose. 

This is my song of victory.

O lo, behold, the lamb, the Prince of peace alive. 

The  grave had lost it hope, victory w’ve all proclaimed.

He took away my sin and shame.

And resurrect with faith again. 

Oh hail him hosanna ,hallelujah. Jesus is alive.*2





Arose -2

Behold the king of heaven, 

Jesus Christ arose.

Behold the king of universe Emmanuel arose.

Verse 2

Let’s hail the rise king, he’s out from gloomy tomb.

The angle came above and took the stone away. 

My debt is paid through the cross,

My sin is gone for eternity. 

Our Redeemer is alive earth rejoice. 

Satan is defeated, throne into hell.

Month Released: March

Year Released: 2022

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