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US destroyed some Afghans’ passports

The US officials destroyed the passports of certain Afghans when, as an update, the office of Rep. Andy Kim shares with people asking for assistance in evacuations from Ukraine, they removed all sensitive materials from the US embassy in Kabul in preparation for a complete evacuation.

It is unclear why the passports have been destroyed, but diplomats can determine that documentation is dangerous for the Taliban members, who can then target these Afghans. The documents are not clear.

Without a passport, Afghans who try urgently to get out of the country are having major complications.

“Visa and passport appointments at the Embassy have been canceled, and passports that were in the Embassy’s possession have been destroyed. Currently, it is not possible to provide any further visa services in Afghanistan,” the message from Kim’s office says. “The Department of State advises all people waiting for processing to find shelter and wait for further instructions. They should not go to the airport until they are called to do so and should follow the instructions carefully.”

Rep. Tom Malinowski said that the US will have to identify Afghans who burned their passports.

“We will need to take people without passports, veterinary them in other ways, for example with their telephone numbers. In many instances, you will have to identify your contact information and your telephone numbers. Any Afghan who is brave about the journey to the airport won’t want to go with identification documents anyway,” Malinowski said to CNN.

According to state department spokesman Ned Price, the US does not safeguard the US Embassy in Kabul, but the compound is situated in a heavily fortified area.

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