Understanding Feminine and Masculine Energy

Understanding Feminine and Masculine Energy

When you hear of feminine energy what really comes to your mind? Do you think it is the ability of the female gender to do things that the male gender can do? The feminine energy doesn’t belong to the female gender only. We all have both feminine and masculine energy.

In one way or the other, we all present the dominance of one or another. Let’s break them down

The Masculine Energy

The masculine energy is what we can call the doing energy. The physical aspect of masculine energy includes the brain. It comes from the neck then goes upwards.

The non-physical aspect of masculine energy includes more of the analytical mind, thinking, logical and action-oriented instincts. if you portray more of these aspects, you possess the masculine energy whether man or woman. In other words, it can be said that masculine energy is dominant in you.

The Feminine Energy

The feminine energy is the being energy. Physical aspects of the feminine energy include the heart, the womb and so on. It comes from the neck and includes everything downwards.

The non-physical part of feminine energy include emotions, stillness, nurturing ability, caring, intuition, being creative and procreative.

These energies in one way or the other complement each other. They are all important and needed within ourselves also in our relationships. Some possess all these energies and let each of them come to play when they’re rightly needed.

In our next post, we will explain each of these energies and how they are important to bring out the power in you.

Comment down below which of the energy is dominant in you.

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