UAE retaliates, stops international airlines from flying Nigerians to Dubai

The diplomatic standoff between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirate deteriorated further Tuesday, with the Arab country apparently ordering foreign airlines not to fly Nigerians to Dubai.

On December 14, the Federal Government announced restrictions on airlines flying into Nigeria from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia (today).

Hadi Sirika, Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation, said nations who imposed a travel restriction on the country because of the Omicron COVID-19 version lacked the moral right to have their airlines fly into Nigeria on commercial flights.

Following the breakout of the Omicron strain of COVID-19, the Federal Government has frequently fought the UK, Canada, and Saudi Arabia’s bans on Nigeria.

The UAE has told all planes destined for the nation to refuse service to Nigerian passengers, according to ThisNigeria.

This was apparently in retaliation for Nigeria’s reduction of Emirates Airlines’ flight frequency from 21 to one per week after the Sharjah Airport Authorities reportedly refused Air Peace the three slots it wanted.

Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and other international airlines flying to Dubai have refused to board passengers with Nigerian passports whose final destination is the UAE, according to reports.

ThisNigeria also learned that the airlines have been instructed not to transport Nigerian passport holders to Dubai. Ethiopian Airlines is said to have offloaded Nigerian passengers on their way to Dubai.

“The UAE says no entrance for Nigerian passengers from any airline,” a source with one of the foreign airlines in Abuja said. Ethiopian Airlines has just completed the offloading of all passengers bound for Dubai. Tickets headed for Dubai have been cancelled.

“No entrance for Nigerian travellers from any airline, according to the UAE.” Ethiopian Airlines has just completed the offloading of all passengers bound for Dubai. “We’re cancelling all Dubai-bound tickets.”

“Due to a rising number of COVID-19 positive passengers at the destination, it has been decided to halt accepting passengers to UAE from Nigeria, Congo DRC (FIH) alone,” one of the airlines stated. Today, December 13, 2021, is the first day of the new year.

“They have to unload Dubai people today.” As a result, no airline wants to fly Nigerians to Dubai. According to them, Nigerians are testing positive for COVID-19, which is why some airlines refuse to transport them. It’s exactly the same as the prior time.”

According to the UAE, more Nigerians are testing positive for COVID-19.

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In Nigeria, 418 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported as of December 12th. In 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, 217,481 cases have been confirmed, 207,746 cases have been discharged, and 2,981 fatalities have been reported.

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