Twitter iOS update stops tweets from disappearing while you’re reading them

Twitter appeals French court ruling on anti-hate speech.

According to attorneys and a judicial source, Twitter has appealed a French court ruling ordering it to provide activists complete access to all of its relevant information on attempts to combat hate speech.

In July, a French court ordered Twitter to provide six French anti-discrimination organizations with complete access to all records pertaining to the company’s efforts to prevent hate speech since May 2020. The decision was applicable to Twitter’s global operations, not simply France.

Twitter has filed an appeal, and a hearing date has been scheduled for December 9, 2021, according to a judicial source who confirmed the information given by the parties’ attorneys.

Twitter and its lawyers did not respond to requests for comment.

According to the July ruling, Twitter must turn over “all administrative, contractual, technical, or commercial documents” outlining the resources it has allotted to combat homophobic, racist, and sexist talk on the platform, as well as the offence of “condoning crimes against humanity.”

It also stated that Twitter must disclose the number of moderators it employs in France to analyze postings marked as hateful, as well as statistics on the posts they process.

The San Francisco-based business had two months to comply after the July judgment. Twitter may request a suspension pending the outcome of the appeal.

Last year, six anti-discrimination organizations sued Twitter in France, accusing the US social media giant of “long-term and persistent” failures to delete abusive remarks on the platform.

The organizations work to combat homophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism.

Twitter’s hateful behaviour policy prohibits users from inciting violence or threatening or assaulting someone based on their ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or handicap, among other grounds.

It, like other social media behemoths, allows users to report offensive messages and hires moderators to evaluate the content.

However, anti-discrimination organizations have long argued that policy flaws allow nasty remarks to remain online in many situations.

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