Tiwa Savage claims her sex tape is being used to blackmail her

Tiwa Savage claims her sex tape is being used to blackmail her

Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian music sensation, has stated that her sex tape is being used to blackmail her.
The singer revealed this during an interview with Angie from Power 105.1 FM. She discovered the blackmail after her road manager emailed her the tape, she claims.

“Yesterday, I was driving away from a radio station in my car when my road manager texted me and said, ‘Yo check your phone,’ and I was like, alright, then I checked it and I was like, where did you get it from, and he was like, I just received it like 20 minutes ago. It’s a video of myself and the person I’m now dating “She stated.

“The first time I got off the phone and emailed it to my manager, she said, “Oh my God,” and I was like, “What are we going to do?” So the individual is now asking for money.”

When questioned if the blackmailer was his current girlfriend, Savage clarified her current partner’s response to the news.

“No. He’s also going insane. I’m thinking about what we’re going to do, and my manager is saying, ‘How much are they asking for?’ So I woke up and said, “No, I pay now, you’re going to come back in two months and two years, and who knows if I do send you the money, you’re going to release it anyhow,” “She continued.

“For example, I’m not going to let someone blackmail me for doing something natural.”

Tiwa stated that the individual who contacted her threatened to leak the footage if she did not give them the requested bitcoin sum.

It is unclear whether the mother of one has reported the incident to the police.

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