The wife of Uzodinma has not been kidnapped

The wife of Uzodinma has not been kidnapped

The Imo State Government on Monday condemned as evil the rumour that the wife of the state’s governor, Chioma Uzodinma, had been kidnapped.

Declan Emelumba, the state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, told The PRESS that the rumour’s supporters are “devils’ agents.”

According to Emelumba, individuals who do not wish the state well are the same ones who spread the abduction rumour.

In response to the rumour of the governor’s wife’s kidnapping, the commissioner stated, “There is no truth in it.” Those behind the rumour are malevolent and work for the devil. They are the ones that want the state ill.”

In recent months, Imo State has seen an increase in crime, including brutal killings and kidnappings.

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