Taliban militants

The Taliban militants: How they took over Afghanistan in 2021

The Taliban were formed from the former Afghan resistance fighters, who had previously in the 1980s fought the invading Soviet forces. After they captured Kabul in 1996, they instituted strict rules that forbid women to work or study, travel alone and should be covered head-to-toe. Also, TV, music and non-Islamic holidays were included in the ban.

For over two decades now, since they were removed from power, the Taliban have been staging insurgency against allied forces and the Afghan government backed up by the United States of America.

The al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden that plotted the 9/11 attack that claimed the lives of 2,700 people was said to be operating from inside of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Within the space of one month, the US and allied forced joined together to end the use of Afghanistan as their base to carry out terrorist activities.

Who are the leaders of the Taliban and what do they want?

The Taliban are been led by a senior cleric from the Taliban’s founding generations by the name Mawlavi Haibatullah Akhundzada. He became the leader after the former leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammed Mansour who was killed in Pakistan during a US airstrike. Another active key player by the name Mullah Abdul Ghani Barader is also a co-founder who was captured in 2010 in Karachi in Pakistan and was released in 2013.

According to the Taliban’s spokesperson, women’s rights will be maintained as they will be allowed to go to school, diplomats. journalists and non-profits organisations can continue their operation in the country. Onlookers are afraid the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan will take the country two decades back when the rights of women were restricted.

How they took over Afghanistan in 2021

The Afghan forces according to reports from Carter Malkasians a former senior adviser to the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, lacked coordination and has suffered from poor morales, though the US has spent over trillions of data in training Afghan soldiers and police also providing them with equipment. More defeats worsen their morale to where the Taliban’s are.

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