The Nominations' aftermath

BBNaija Day 31: The Nominations’ aftermath

This is the first time that they’re nominated and take a lot for Cross, JMK, Maria, Pere, Queen and Sammie. Although they were all brave, they were nervous as they were afraid they could have been in the house last week.

In addition to being nominated for eviction, Maria received a microphone infringement strike last night so she did not feel in the best of moods about the situation and was upset. She blamed the incident in a conversation with Tega, asking Pere to take her mic on alcohol. She just vaguely recalls it, wondering how she first asked him to pick up her mic? She was also upset by the nomination but refused to watch Liquorose invited her to watch the Showmax movie. “I don’t want to watch movies around people with whom I don’t want to be,” she said.

She probably felt betrayed and couldn’t bear being around the rest of the Housemates. Finally, the Queen, who was named, replaced her. She didn’t want to have a great time for Nominations blues.

The Nominations' aftermath

Although the previous nomination twist put JMK on for Eviction by Maria, last night was the real deal. She too had a Microphone violation strike, and this was quite a burden for her to carry. She understood nevertheless why she was nominated. It makes sense, she says, because she was new to the House, and many other members had established links. Despite the situation, Cross, who had already begun packing his bags before Sunday’s eviction, spent time consoling Cross. She assured him he didn’t go anywhere and it was not necessary to pick it up so early, because there was still plenty of time.

Cross couldn’t hide how shocked he was, even his first time nominated. “I did not see it coming. I did not see it coming. I’m not going to lie, shock me,” he said. The case of Cross was pretty peculiar as it was not initially nominated but was put together by the head of house, Liquorose. Liquorose visited him and excused him that she didn’t want him personally. “You’re going to be okay, I know you’re strong,” she reassured him. Cross seemed to take it well and said that it was only a game before it was finally taken.

The Nominations' aftermath

Pere and Sammie looked all right. Pere felt it was coming, and it didn’t really surprise him.

Appointments have a way to rattle and place Housemates into their feelings. I hope that Housemates will be able to shake it and show it well. It’s been a few days for the BBNaija Fam to influence. We hope that they use it well.

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