.On February 9, 1979, two twins from Ohio who were split off at birth discovered they lived identical lives apart after uniting and talking. At 39, they reunited, which means that they spent 39 years apart.
What is your approach to nature vs. nutrition? The Jim twins were SOFAR APART and YET TOGETHER ALWAYS. They grew up thousands of years apart but lived a life like that. The same name was named and the same-name married women. Quiet fascination! Quiet fascination!
So, what do you do about nature versus nutrition debates? When two twin children were adopted in 1940, their adopted parents named both James at just three weeks of age by coincidence. Both men came to be shortly named Jim, and that was the beginning. These two would only grow 40 kilometres apart and live spookily similar lives.

The children were taken by various families. The families who adopted them knew that they had a twin baby, although they didn’t know where and what they were. The Springers of Piqua took one of these Twins while the Lewises of Lima adopted the other. They could live a life identical to that of their DNA as long as they never knew their twin and lived their own separate life.

Both had loved childhood dogs named Toy, as well as math and woodwork, both schoolchildren had no big orthodox shakes. However, if its infancy was unknown, its early adulthood was remarkable.
They both had a dog named Toy as they grew up in their various homes and towns. They were both very interested in math, woodwork and not good at spelling as schoolchildren. Ordinarily similar were their childhood lives.

The twins were both married twice, and they got married to women bearing the same name Linda. The marriage didn’t work for them, they both divorced and remarried. Remarrying, they both married women by the name Betty. Well, both gave birth to a baby boy, they gave the babies the same name James.

Both twins were heavy smokers and they drove the same car-Chevrolet. They got the same job in the security department, Jim Lewis was a security guard, while Jim Springer had been a deputy sheriff. Unbelievably they took a vacation to the same Florida beach. They both didn’t know of all these facts until one of the twins Lewis decided to try and identify with his twin in 1977. He was able to find contacts through a courthouse in Ohio. They talked on the phone for some time and decided to meet up.

The Jim twins finally reunited on February 9, 1979, and discovered they both lived the same life in the past. Scientists found their story to be fascinating and found out that the study of the Jim twins could be valuable. The study which was conducted by Dr Thomas Bouchard of the University of Minnesota had the full participation of the twins. The research findings stated that their medical histories and brain-wave tests were almost identical including their results in a personality test.

The case of the twin has been considered as a that there is a telepathic connection between twins. One of the twins (Jim Springer) said he always felt an emptiness, it could be he was unknowingly feeling his brother. Their story has influenced the theories of nature and nurture and the effects of hereditary over environmental factors.

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