menstruation leave

According to many media sources, the Spanish government is ready to enact a bill providing three days of menstruation leave every month for workers who suffer from severe period discomfort.

The change is part of a package of measures centred on reproductive health that was originally revealed on Wednesday by Spanish radio station Cadena SER.

Other proposed proposals include allowing females aged 16 and 17 to get abortions without obtaining parental consent.

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Furthermore, the measure proposes that educational institutions supply feminine hygiene products when they are needed. Women in jail, as well as those who are more prone to endure “menstrual poverty,” will be granted access to feminine hygiene products. The measure also eliminates a sales tax on certain items.

According to other sources, the Spanish government is expected to ratify the new legislation next week, making Spain the first Western country to provide menstruation leave.

Menstrual leave is already available in a few nations, including Japan, South Korea, and Zambia.

In a 2019 research of approximately 43,000 women in the Netherlands, it was shown that 85 percent had painful periods, often known as dysmenorrhea.

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In March, Angela Rodriguez, Spain’s secretary of state for equality and gender violence, told Spain’s El Periodico that when severe period pain “cannot be handled medically,” “we feel it is quite rational that there be a temporary impairment related with this issue.”

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