Sony’s new PS5 has been totally redesigned inside and uses less power

Sony’s new PS5 has been totally redesigned inside and uses less power

Sony’s most recent PS5 models have had their internal architecture completely redone. Last month, a revised PS5 model began to show up in Australia. Now, YouTuber Austin Evans has examined the internals and found numerous changes. For the PS5, Sony has switched to a new, smaller motherboard, different cooling, and even a new SSD container.

None of these modifications significantly alter the PS5’s exterior, but they do result in another weight decrease. The PS5’s upgraded motherboard is the primary change. It has decreased in size by about two inches, and the PS5’s cooling system has been modified due to a second heat pipe at the back and a smaller heatsink.

This is not the first time the PS5 has had a newly developed cooling system. Last year, Sony released a modified variant with a reduced heatsink. According to Evans, the upgraded motherboard and heatsink on this 2022 PS5 now weigh about 2.5 pounds, which is a pound less than the original design.

As a result of this new motherboard design from Sony, several components have also been shifted about, and as a result, the CMOS battery is now entirely concealed beneath the heatsink. Evans asserts that you will now need to totally disassemble a PS5 in order to change the CMOS battery because it was previously accessible and thus simple to switch out.

The SSD enclosure has also changed in this new PS5 mode. It no longer has a PCB through the entire length, and instead has exposed metal. It’s not immediately clear why Sony has changed this particular part of the PS5 design, but Evans speculates it could help improve heat dissipation.

All of these changes might add up to some real-world benefits for the PS5. Evans claims this new PS5 model pulls around 20-30 watts less during gaming, while still delivering around the same amount of noise and heat output.

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“Sony shrank almost everything including motherboard and the internal packaging to make it lighter and almost certainly cheaper (for them),” says Evans on Twitter. The new PS5 model arrives just as Sony has hiked its PS5 prices outside of the US. Sony is increasing its PS5 prices in the UK, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. Prices are jumping by 10 percent in Europe, 21 percent in Japan, and by around 6 percent in the UK.

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