Sonos Sub mini

Sonos Sub mini has been leaked by Sonos app

Sonos was strangely absent from this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but it appears that they will be releasing something large – or rather, tiny – in the coming weeks.

The information portion of the amp setup has descriptions of a new Sub mini, including the new smaller, cylindrical shape that varies from the conventional sub.

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A Reddit member was in the midst of adding a second sub to their system when they found this information. This appears to be a feature that isn’t available when using the Sub mini. This page is no longer available, according to my research.

The Sonos Sub has been a popular addition to the system since 2012, and it has remained so in subsequent second and third-generation models. It’s no surprise that Sonos would follow suit when Bose, a key Sonos rival, introduced a smaller Bass module 500 to its bigger 700 offerings.


I believe the Sub mini, which is smaller and probably less expensive, is intended for use with the Sonos Beam 2 rather than the Arc. Instead of the bigger Sonos 5 devices, it may be coupled with a set of Sonos One speakers for audio.

Sonos Sub mini

While a December announcement isn’t out of the question, this might be a precursor to a slew of announcements during CES in January. It would be fantastic if the flagship Sonos Arc soundbar, which was introduced in 2020, had an upgrade, and voice control was added to the already outstanding Sonos 5 speaker.

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