Reef Finance Changes its name to Reef

Reef Finance Changes its name to Reef

Reef Finance is undertaking a big platform-wide redesign as part of its rebranding project, which began earlier this year. Reef Finance is now known as Reef, and the company has created a new website at

Reef, a layer-1 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain, is the result of continual work in progress and reinvestment from Reef Finance, decentralised finance (DeFi) oriented parachain atop Polkadot. Reef’s face value will be transformed from a DeFi operating system to a Substrate-based blockchain with smart contract capability that is stable, inexpensive, and quick with the launch of a new website and a new brand emphasis.

Reef has established itself as a one-stop, cross-chain network that is simple to use for both veterans and newbies since its beginning. As a result, the rebranding is in line with the platform’s basic aim of creating an infrastructure that allows anybody to use features that augment DeFi with other products while also providing an unrivalled development experience.

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The Reef community is rapidly expanding, bolstering the rebranding choice made by the Reef Finance team earlier this year. Reef has established itself as a major location for developers, with the blockchain ecosystem experiencing a surge in multi-chain transactions across dApps and protocols. Not only does the platform support Ethereum-based smart contracts completely, but it also allows dApp authors to tap into the massive REEF token ecosystem.

Reef hopes to expedite work on its larger goals with the introduction of the new website, and to entice users and developers to adopt its blockchain solution, which is supposed to be the most sophisticated EVM-compatible blockchain. The website is only the first stage in the platform’s new development plan, according to the Reef team. Reef will roll out Ledger hardware wallet compatibility, a Reef Debit card, a native browser extension, a native dApp, and a dedicated mobile app in the coming months, all with the goal of providing a seamless user experience.

Reef Finance Changes its name to Reef

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