Quake Is Now Playable on Apple Watch

Quake Is Now Playable on Apple Watch

id Software’s 1996 first-person shooter Quake has been ported to run on Apple Watch.

The port is the work of programmer Tomas Vyzmazal, and you can see the game being played in the video below. Vyzmazal used the Quake software renderer and a combination of gyro and touch controls for input. He even managed to get the sound working.

It’s still a remarkable accomplishment to have Quake operating on a smartwatch, even though it’s not the easiest game to play given the size and input limitations of the Apple Watch. And what’s even more astounding is that the game operates at a fluid 60 frames per second.

Unfortunately, Quake for Apple Watch won’t be available on the App Store due to license restrictions for the game assets. However, you can build it yourself if you have access to a Mac and Xcode. Vyzmazal explains how to do this in his GitHub repository for the project.

We’re used to seeing id’s earlier game Doom running on unusual hardware, including a $15 Ikea smart lamp chip, and it has made an appearance on an earlier generation of the Apple Watch. I wonder where we’ll see these classic games turn up next?

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