PlayStation Hardware Architect at Sony is retiring

PlayStation Hardware Architect at Sony is retiring.

Ito, who is less frequently mentioned than Mark Cerny, who served as the primary designer for both systems, oversaw the engineering team for the PS4 and PS5 hardware, according to Bloomberg.

Ito has spent five decades working for Sony. He began his career in 1986 working in the in-car audio industry before switching to the console business in 2000 when the PS2 debuted. That indicates that he contributed to the PS3’s development before heading up engineering for the following two console generations. He also contributed to the improved PS4 Pro’s engineering.

Ito, who is 60 years old, announced his retirement and submitted his resignation. Ito has resigned, according to a brief statement from Sony(Opens in a new window), and Lin Tau(Opens in a new window) will take his place as Representative Director and Executive Vice President of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The engineering division has also named Kiichiro Urata(Opens in a new window) as a director.

Ito made a wise retirement decision. A PS5 Slim or PS5 Pro hardware refresh won’t happen anytime soon because supply chain issues have only lately begun to subside. There will be a long wait for the PlayStation 6. The engineering team has plenty of time to make adjustments and prepare for the future because they are departing at the end of this month.

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