Nicki Minaj goes nude

Nicki Minaj goes nude for 39th birthday photoshoot

Nicki Minaj, a multi-award-winning singer, celebrated her 39th birthday by going nude on Instagram. In her birthday suit, the mother of one turned to the photo-sharing site to flaunt her gorgeous curves.

“Say Happy Birthday to da Bad Guy,” the Queens-bred rapper captioned the collection of three shots, a nod to perennial hip-hop hero “Scarface,” the Anaconda singer said in her caption area.

The singer posed while carrying a cake in her right hand and covering her breasts with her left arm, her body covered in a jewelled body chain, which she posted with her 164 million Instagram followers.

In the second shot, the Barbs queen is entirely naked while straddling a giant teddy bear, wearing pink hair and platform heels as she smiles and looks back at the camera.

The third photo shows the actress clutching her cake as she bends in closer to the camera, revealing her chest once again.

In another post, the singer expressed her reasoning for the naked photos while sharing birthday sentiments with her fans. Her admirers assume she never goes online on her birthday, she said.

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“My admirers stated I never come online on my birthday,” she added. This year, I’ve made it my mission to alter that. I adore both of you. WISHING THE QUEEN A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here are birthday greetings from almost 700 barbz! Please tag her so she may see them!

“Thank you for always looking out for your followers’ best interests and for caring about us. Many people have found you to be an inspiration, and your upbeat words and songs have helped many barbz all over the world get through their days and terrible situations. We will never stop loving and supporting you. I adore you a lot! “Wishing the HB a happy birthday.” (sic).

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