New iPhone 13 features

New iPhone 13 features

The iPhone 13 features long-lasting battery life, the latest and greatest smartphone camera, and plenty of other new and exciting features that are sure to blow you away. Let’s take a look at all the new iPhone 13 features so you can decide if it’s right for you.


The new iPhones are getting a makeover. For 2019, Apple is offering a more traditional iPhone design with less bezel around the display and more compact edges that make it easier to hold. The 5.8-inch iPhoneXS will have a similar size screen to last year’s XS model while coming in at 6.5 millimetres thick—about .2 millimetres thinner than last year’s version. And if you’re concerned about Face ID being compromised by these slightly smaller dimensions, don’t be: Apple has kept enough space between your face and that giant OLED screen for it to work fine.

You might not even notice any difference when using it, but there is one small caveat: Apple says its camera system on both phones will offer better 3D facial mapping thanks to a faster sensor that takes 1 billion measurements per second. (For comparison’s sake, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 sensors measure 500 million times per second.) Both phones also feature an upgraded A13 Bionic chip from last year’s A12 Bionic chip. You’ll get up to 30 percent faster performance on both devices (and up to 50 percent faster graphics performance), as well as longer battery life thanks to machine learning algorithms that can predict which apps you’ll use next based on your habits.


The new iphone13 comes equipped with a huge display. It’s even bigger than that of some laptops these days! This touchscreen makes playing games, using apps, and watching videos so much easier and more enjoyable than ever before. It also has an improved resolution which helps to further immerse you in whatever you’re doing at that time.

When combined with brand-new materials like unbreakable sapphire glass, your screen can be incredibly tough while also being beautiful and sleek. It’s no wonder so many people have already begun lining up to get their hands on one! You should too! After all, what could be better than such a fantastic device?

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The new iphone13 is 10% more powerful than its previous iteration. It will be faster at processing photos and take better images than any other phone on market. Users won’t need to hold their breath waiting for photos to upload or wait for them to be saved as a draft before sharing but can do all of that with a single tap. With one touch, users can share directly from their camera roll and even add captions while they are taking pictures.

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This means no more delays when trying to capture special moments. If you have ever tried to use your phone in low light conditions you know how frustrating it can be if it doesn’t focus quickly enough. With dual-lens cameras and advanced focusing technology, users don’t have to worry about missing important moments because they couldn’t get a good shot in time—their picture will always come out clear and crisp.

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A new feature called SmartCam automatically takes multiple shots from different angles so users don’t miss anything from their photo op.


The entry-level 64GB model of the new iPhone starts at $869—that’s $50 more than Apple’s 16GB version. However, you do get 128GB of storage instead of just 64GB, which is something to consider if you find yourself running out of space on your device quickly. You can also pay an extra $100 for a 256GB model, but keep in mind that there are only two versions of the new iPhone 13 available: one with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.5-inch screen.

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