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Maria loses her respect in the house

A lot has been going on in the house today, it is definitely a drama-filled day. Started with the bread distress between Cross and Niyi, which primarily became the basis of today’s conversation in the House.  

One friendship definitely took a blow this morning. During one of these heated housekeeping conversations, Maria gave up on her meal, disposing of her food in a way that was not taken lightly by the Housemates.  A good friendship we were all looking up to get stronger was tossed in the trash. when Maria decided to dispose of her food in the trash

In the process of trying to dispose of her food, she made a mess of Boma’s cloth which he didn’t take unnoticed. He went ahead to confront her about her actions, she claimed that she didn’t see the impact of her actions.

Boma went ahead to discuss Maria’s action with Arin, where he expressed himself saying her actions were violent and unnecessary. Arin tried in her own little way to defend Maria narrating that Maria was having a irritable day

Maria later came out talking to Arin, whom she told she was going through her own emotions caused by that “time of the month”.  

Maria loses her respect in the house

Whitemoney who is acknowledged as the chef of the house wasn’t impressed by Maria’s action. He went ahead to tell the house that Maria has lost the respect he has for her in the house.

The food issue has become a major topic of discussion in the House, and more so now that the Shine Ya Eye Housemates now collectively buy and share groceries. 

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