Maria and Pere get the first Strikes of the season

JMK, Maria and Pere get the first Strikes of the season

We saw the first Shine Ya Eye Strikes distributed to JMK, Maria & Pere just a couple of times ago. For repeated microphone breaches, the strikes are. If one receives two more strikes, the man is disqualified and has to leave the house. In the House the former Wildcards made a name for themselves – each of them was a Head of House, and everyone saw their partnership. Big Brother is first and foremost, and nobody can break the rules, no matter how good the game is played the rest of the time. In JMK’s case, she is culpable of having entered once in her waist the jacuzzi with her mic.

After watching a clip of their many microphone breaches, which include a clip by Maria and Pere that was oh-so evident that their microphones had been disconnected, Big Brother told them that “they used several reasons to justify your unforgivable conduct.” He continued, “It seems like some of you have chosen to deliberately disregard the rules.

“So kindly stand up Pere, JMK, Maria!”

“For each of you, this is the first strike. Two more strikes and the Big Brother Shine Ya Eye House will disqualify you.”
Additionally, some Housemates were also warned of the conflict solution – all told “to be cautious in how they handle conflict” to Tega, Jackie B, Queen, Maria, and Whitemoney. “Big Brother encourages a safe place to live and thrive all housewives. Arguments and disagreements are possible, but it is necessary to resolve differences in wisdom and respect.” Biggie left the whole House warning – the House would be punished as a whole because they were all responsible for certain violations

After your workout tomorrow morning, the details will be available.

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