Man Builds 27 000 000mAh Power Bank

Man Builds 27 000 000mAh Power Bank That’s Kind of Portable

We’ve seen some large portable phone chargers throughout the years. However, a Chinese entrepreneur has exceeded the competition by inventing the world’s biggest power bank.

Simply put, don’t attempt to stuff it into your pocket. The power bank is so large that it has a capacity of 27,000,000mAh.

The charger was created by YouTuber “Handy Geng,” who is known for creating strange inventions, including a wheelchair lawnmower and a helmet that can spew bottled beverages.

His most recent project was to create a power bank that was greater than any of his friends’.

Geng appears to have done so by stealing a battery from an electric vehicle. He then used metal and wood to construct a casing for the battery, which he connected to five separate power strips.

As a result, the power bank has a traditional appearance yet is quite large.

Man Builds 27 000 000mAh Power Bank

The gadget, according to Geng, is equal to nearly 900 traditional power banks. Of course, you can’t use one hand to handle the gadget.

On the good side, it has 60 electrical outlets that can charge a number of gadgets at the same time, including smartphones, laptops, and even home appliances.

Geng didn’t specify how much the power bank cost to make or how long it took to charge it. He did, however, mention that the equipment was ideal for a camping trip.

“You don’t have to worry about running out of electricity when you’re outside with this power bank,” he adds in his YouTube video as he charges a TV and washing and dryer.

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The power bank is also big enough to serve as a table. Despite its immensity, it is theoretically possible to transport it. In his YouTube video, Geng illustrates this point by dragging the power bank behind a roller to charge a friend’s electric bicycle.

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