Liqourose is the new Head of House

Liqourose is the new Head of House

It’s Monday, which means the Head of House Games has come to this moment! It was an interesting week for Housemates – the reigning head of the House, Maria, successfully persuaded them that she had the sole power to expel her households and that Big Brother played perfectly his part in the ruse.

When the show rolled around last night, a handful of the Housemates were completely convinced that their time on the show was over. It would have done some good to put the atmosphere back into the house without anyone being evicted, however, you can bet your bottom Abeg Naira that every Housemate really wanted to win the head of house game this evening and do not want to be on the receiving end of more shenanigans.

Big Brother also announced Maria’s “equanimity” in dealing with last week’s deception was commendable and would be given Abeg Naira later in the week. The Housemates had so much to play for with this top of mind.

Last week, Biggie deleted the need to throw a six before the game could be played, but decided to return it today, as it “had little or no effects on the performance of the game in general.”
Following a disappointing game from Queen, Michael and Cross (when the last two were sent back at the start), Liquorose did well despite sometimes going to the wrong puzzle. She was followed by Jaypaul, who was faced with his challenge by a bottle of water – even though he did not have his mouth but his shirt.

Next, Emmanuel went to his first roll and threw a six. Sadly, it was followed by one… and then another. And another. And then another. At length, he managed to move to the extent that he too had to run down a bottle of water. Tega had a respectable score next.

Nini was lucky enough to start her game with a sixth roll – she actually had no luck at all. She even had to begin her attempt before her time ran out. In reality, Saskay followed her, but that wasn’t a stellar performance. After landing in an unfortunate square, Saga well began but was expelled from the game. Not safe, this week, are Saga and Nini.

Yousef succeeded in doing quite good until Big Brother informed him that his solution to the search word of the game did not comply with the game rules. Sammie was quickly outside of the blocks, too, but with a bottle of water, he could not really go down fast enough to stay in the battle.

All in all, the game today was characterized by a rather low amount of money, which means that this game could only be the one that was luckier than the rest. At last, the man who was now immune from the appointment this week was Liqourose. The only thing Liquorose must do is that she doesn’t enjoy the full benefit of being head of the hall. Because of a previous violation of house rules, the luxurious neighbourhoods that take up the position remain out of her bounds. We wonder whether she’d be ready to choose Emmanuel as her deputy, knowing he’d share the bedroom with someone else….

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