India man jailed for killing wife with a cobra in Kerala

India man jailed for killing wife with a cobra in Kerala

An Indian man who was convicted of murdering his wife by causing a snake to bite her was sentenced to an unusual double life term.

Sooraj Kumar got arrested last year following the death of his wife, Uthra, from a snakebite.

Police launched an investigation when her family accused Sooraj of murder, claiming he had been pestering them for dowry.

A court convicted him guilty on Monday of unleashing a snake into Uthra’s bed while she slept.

Her family got concerned when Uthra was bitten by a Russell’s viper just a few weeks before. When the cobra attacked her, she was still recuperating from the initial snakebite.

In May of last year, the 25-year-old housewife was discovered dead in her home.

According to the police, both attempts were carried out by Sooraj. They also detained a guy who had assisted him in obtaining the snakes; he eventually turned “approver” and assisted authorities in piecing together the case.

According to LiveLaw, an Indian law website, the police charges totalled 1,000 pages and revealed Sooraj’s complex scheme.

The prosecution said it was a “rarest of rare cases” and requested the accused be executed.

The judge agreed that it was a unique instance and sentenced Sooraj to life in prison with a fine of 500,000 rupees ($6,635; £4,869).

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