I have disappointed myself on the show – Whitemoney

I have disappointed myself on the show – Whitemoney

Whitemoney, a Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, claims he has failed himself on the program.

He said this on Monday night, day 58 of the program, after resolving his issue with Queen.

The couple was having problems, and Queen confronted him after he admitted to kissing JMK, an ex-housemate.
Queen expressed her disappointment that he would have done so without informing her, despite the fact that she tells him everything, including her feelings for Cross.

Prior to this, Whitemoney had expressed his displeasure that Queen wanted to sleep with Cross.

As they attempted to reconcile their issues, Whitemoney indicated that he intends to be more serious in the game from now on, as the last week approaches.

He also stated that whatever Queen does in the house, he would never hold it against her after they leave the show since he has been disappointed as well.

“There is one thing I want to say to you that I truly mean. I will never hold you accountable for what occurred here. Because I, too, have disappointed and appointed myself,” Whitemoney explained.

“I, too, have disappointed myself,” Queen said.

Whitemoney also claimed that he will take his responsibilities seriously because he has been confused recently.

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