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How to preview WhatsApp voice messages before sending them

If you send voice messages regularly on WhatsApp, you’ve probably sent an unintentional voice clip at least once. Maybe something humiliating was going on in the background, or maybe you’ve recorded a message only to discover the other person can’t hear you owing to background noise. It’s a blunder that, in theory, should be avoided.

You don’t have to be concerned any longer: WhatsApp now allows you to preview messages before sending them. While the default behaviour is still to send a message as soon as the record button is released, you can have some additional peace of mind.

They’re not mistakes, they’re rehearsals. Now you can preview your voice messages before you hit send. pic.twitter.com/ohnEVrGTvD

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) December 14, 2021

When you’re ready to record, hold down the mic button and drag it up to activate ‘hands-free mode’ (you should see a lock as you drag up).

preview WhatsApp voice messages

After that, WhatsApp will begin recording.

preview WhatsApp voice messages

You may either erase the clip right away by hitting the trash can symbol, or you can stop it by tapping the stop button in the centre. You’ll notice a play button when you’ve paused, allowing you to preview your message.

preview WhatsApp voice messages

Personally, I’d prefer if there was a setting that made previews the default behaviour, but for now, I’m grateful for the added flexibility. Let’s hope Facebook Messenger does the same.

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