How does spiritual enlightenment affect ones love life and food duality?

How does spiritual enlightenment affect ones love life and food duality

Enlightenment is a situation of the mind that is beyond words and beyond being able to put it into words.

It takes countless lifetimes of effort to reach even the first level of enlightenment. I would not worry about enlightenment.

An informed being is conscious of all the pleasures and aversions .. but is no longer controlled by these things. They may choose something, or choose not. But it is from choice and not from enslaved compulsion or from some desperate striving.

How does spiritual enlightenment affect ones love life and food duality
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Let me tell you a story about the Dalai Lama and food. At one time he was taken on a tour of a Catholic monastery and shown how they made cheeses and fruitcakes to raise money to help support the monastery. At the end of the tour, he was given a taste of the cheese. But when he told this story, he paused, and said, “But what I REALLY wanted was a piece of that FRUITCAKE!!!!!) And he broke out into laughter.

And that is the thing about those on the way towards enlightenment. They stop taking things so deadly seriously. Do you want fruitcake and can’t have it? They are amused at “desire” rather than swamped by it. He was okay IF he got it, and okay if he didn’t get it. He was just fine with everything.

What makes us miserable is our fondness to thinking we must always be overjoyed by everything, and also by how desperately we strive to avoid anything that doesn’t seem pleasant or might even be unpleasant. It is these cravings and dislikes that make us unhappy and not the experiences themselves. But until you set your awareness and begin to experience these reactions-consequences operating within yourself, this is a difficult concept to grasp.

Enlightenment does not destroy the capacity to experience love, romance, to enjoy form, food, scenery or any other aspect of the universe. Enlightenment actually shows an entirely more thorough level of appreciation for everything and an experience of love far beyond any human concept of love.

Imagine experiencing a taste of your favourite food with an ecstasy beyond any human idea of joy or appreciation. The bliss of that taste would explode a human being into its component parts.

Now assume loving another being in the same way. Love exceeding any concept of human love. The infinite delight and expression of empathy, caring, oneness and touch. Could there be anything more romantic?

What is missing are the illusions of possession, attachment, need, jealousy, fear, expectation and control.

Enlightenment ‘reveals’ the reality that we are all one consciousness, one creation, one mind exploring and experiencing Itself.

Imagine Infinite and Unlimited Love. Meditate on this. Surrender to this. Dissolve into It. Until there is nothing left of you. Then you will experience this for yourself.

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