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The Federal Government of Nigeria has denied the allegation of sponsoring bills to gag the press and regulate social media.

This bill was introduced in November 2019 by Senator Sani Musa from conservative northern Nigeria.

Minister of Information Lai Mohammed recently moved that all online media should be included in the National Broadcasting Commission act.

Following this on Friday, during a press interview in Lagos, minister Lai Mohammed declared that the media has no traces from the federal government.

In his statement he said:

“First, let me say how disappointed I am that those who have been berating me on these bills have been doing so on a false premise that the Federal Government had sponsored bills to stifle the press.

”This is a classic case of misinformation because the Federal Government did not sponsor any bill to gag the press.

“It baffles me that those who rushed to the media to slam the government didn’t even try to verify the facts.”

“I insist that the bills were not sponsored by the Federal Government.

“I was invited, as the Minister of Information and Culture, to make my contributions, just like many other stakeholders at the public hearing.

“It was an opportunity for stakeholders to make their input into the bills I attended and made my contributions.

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