Daycare worker caught on camera abusing a child

Daycare worker caught on camera abusing a child.

A Florida day care worker was caught on camera allegedly assaulting a kid and has now been jailed, while a coworker is facing charges for failing to report the incident.

Yamirka Menendez, 51, was arrested and charged with child abuse after seizing a 1-year-old kid by the wrists and lifting him three feet into the air before putting him on the floor. According to a news statement from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, the youngster sustained a leg fracture.

Ms Menendez has also been accused of “forcibly” seizing hold of a 4-month-old infant and hitting the youngster numerous times on September 8 at the Time of Wonder Academy in Tampa, Florida.

Milagros Rodriguez, 52, is accused of failing to report the abusive behaviour.

According to the Sheriff’s office, the mother of the 1-year-old kid discovered her son had discomfort in his left foot the next day. She transported him to St Joseph’s Hospital, where it was discovered that he suffered tibia and fibula fractures.

On Thursday, he was checked again by professionals from the University of South Florida Child Protection Team, who discovered that the kid had been physically mistreated.

After reviewing the camera evidence, investigators charged the two ladies on Tuesday. According to the Sheriff’s office, none of the ladies had a criminal past.

“As a result of the fall, the kid was unable to stand straight or apply weight on his left foot and leg,” according to the Sheriff’s office.

Bianca D’Andria, co-owner of Time of Wonder Academy, stated that the workers had been thoroughly screened.

“All of the documents, FBI records, everything was clean,” Ms D’Andria told WFLA. “I’m humiliated. It’s exactly what occurred in my house. These individuals were trained by me. I give them anything they desire. I provide a pleasant working atmosphere for them. That video is terrifying. I couldn’t believe someone can have that conversation with a child.”

She stated that the childcare facility has 16 cameras and that, while the feeds are not always watched, parents may request access to the videos if they so choose.

Following this event, she stated that she intends to offer parents remote video access.

According to Fox 13 Tampa Bay, she “spends more hours with these youngsters than the parents.”

“I realize that we are human, but I don’t understand why you… act like an animal,” she added.

She stated that she trusts the rest of her crew and hopes that her parents do as well.

“You guys, the parents, you are my eyes,” she explained to Fox 13.

“I have to know everything because we are here to safeguard children.”

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