Cross confesses panic attacks following his last heartbreak

Cross confesses panic attacks following his last heartbreak

Cross, a Big Brother Naija contestant, has stated that he suffered from panic attacks following his most recent heartache.

Cross told Pere this when they were cleaning the salon on Monday.

He also said that he sobbed for two hours following the incident, praying that it would never happen again.

“Women are evil. If they’re referring to you, they’re referring to you. “I hope no other lady ever does that to me again in my life because I won’t want to offer that room to anyone else,” he added.

Pere responded by saying that he had five heartbreaks before arriving in the house.

After the fifth sorrow, Pere’s heart hardened into stone.

“I ate around five of those ‘breakfasts’ until my heart turned to stone,” Pere said.

He then said that he was only fooling around.

“At one point, I thought, I’ll simply start messing about and shattering hearts. After I ate my ‘breakfasts,’ I also crushed several hearts.

“But, at the end of the day, it’s all for nought. If you have a conscience, you will not harm others.”

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