China Accuses NSA of Spying on a University

China Accuses NSA of Spying on a University

The Chinese government claims to have evidence that the National Security Agency (NSA) accessed computers at a research university in the city of Xi’an.

According to AP News(Opens in a new window), China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center collaborated with security provider Qihoo 360 Technology Co. to identify the source of the intrusion after there were reports that computers at Northwestern Polytechnical University had been compromised. They assert that they have found 41 “network attack” tools that are linked to the NSA.

The accusation follows the US government’s recent efforts to block China’s access to advanced chips for research and development. China also believes the US is spying on its energy and internet companies, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning stating the actions endanger China’s national security and that, “the United States should immediately stop using its advantages to steal secrets and attack other countries.”

China believes the NSA gathered information about the university’s network management and “core technologies,” but no details have been forthcoming as to what that means. For now, the US government and the American Embassy in Beijing haven’t commented.

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Northwestern Polytechnical University is on a the US government’s “entity list,” which limits its access to American tech. The university is believed to be working with the People’s Liberation Army to develop missile technology, as well as aerial and underwater drones. Last year, Chinese man Shuren Qin pleaded guilty to smuggling underwater and marine technology from the US to the university and was sentenced to two years in federal prison(Opens in a new window).

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