Biden pledges end to Nord Stream 2

Biden pledges end to Nord Stream 2 should Russia invades Ukraine

As the West rallies to stop a conflict in Europe, US President Joe Biden stated on Monday that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would be suspended if Russia invaded Ukraine, and he emphasized solidarity with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

At a White House press conference with the incoming German leader, Biden, a longtime opponent of the decade-old pipeline project from Russia to Germany, said Russian soldiers moving into Ukraine would cause a shutdown at a White House press conference.

“If Russia invades, which would imply tanks or troops crossing Ukraine’s… border again, Nord Stream 2 will cease to exist. We will put an end to it, we will, we will, we will, we will, we will, we will, we “Biden stated the following. “I guarantee you, we’ll be able to do it,” Biden stated when asked how given that the project is under German authority.

Over the course of his day-long tour, Scholz stated the US and Germany had the same stance on Ukraine, Russia, and sanctions, but he did not openly confirm the Nord Stream 2 plans or mention the pipeline by name.

The question of whether the US and Germany are on the same page on the $11 billion projects has become critical as the two main democracies lead NATO allies in retaliation against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Near the Ukrainian border, Russia has gathered a force of 100,000 troops. It denies that an invasion is in the works. Officials in the United States fear an assault could happen in days or weeks.

Scholz, who has been under fire at home and abroad for what is perceived as insufficient leadership in the issue, told reporters that if Russia invaded Ukraine, it would pay a very heavy price and that Germany and the US had the same attitude.

“We shall be a united front. We’ll work together. And we’ll take all required measures “Scholz expressed himself in English.

Germany uses Russian gas to meet half of its needs even before the pipeline is operational. It has postponed approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline until at least the second half of 2022 but has refused to scrap the nearly finished project.

Biden and Scholz both stated that negotiation was their preferred method of resolving the Ukraine crisis.

Biden responded yes when asked if Russia still had an “off-ramp” from any conflict.

Scholz, whose popularity has dropped 17 percentage points in recent weeks as tensions with Moscow have risen, is scheduled to visit Ukraine and Russia next week after meeting with Biden, European Union officials, and Baltic state leaders this week.

The friendship between Biden and Scholz could be crucial at a time when French President Emmanuel Macron has yet to declare whether he would run in a three-month election and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is mired in a domestic crisis.

Macron met with Putin on Monday, telling him that he wants to prevent war and develop confidence.

Biden stated that he has no reservations about Germany’s ability to be a reliable partner and that Scholz has the US’ entire faith. “Germany’s relationship with the United States is undeniable. There are none, “Biden stated the following.

Biden and US officials highlighted that Germany, behind the US, was the second-largest contributor of non-military aid to Kyiv, and that they were jointly considering penalties against Russia.

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Details of the sanctions package are still being worked out, but a US official stated that excluding Russia from the SWIFT financial transaction system is still an option.

Scholz, according to Steven Sokol, head of the American Council on Germany, needs to clarify Germany’s position on Nord Stream 2 and demonstrate greater “creativity” in terms of assisting Ukraine without bringing in arms.

“Germany must realize that if it wants to be a bigger role on the global stage and take on more responsibility, it must take more action,” Sokol added. “Germany must do more in order to be a leader.”

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