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Be prepared for seven-day isolation in UK – FG tells Nigerian travellers

According to the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Nigerians travelling to the United Kingdom would still be separated for seven days since the UK government has yet to thoroughly examine Nigeria’s vaccine certification procedure.

Dr Faisal Shuaib, Executive Director of the NPHCDA, revealed this on Tuesday at a briefing on the development of COVID-19 vaccination in Nigeria.

According to Shuaib, the vaccinations used in Nigeria were licenced by the UK government.

He said that UK officials were also participating in the Nigeria immunisation campaign through the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office.

The NPHCDA Executive Director expressed optimism that Nigeria’s COVID-19 immunisation programme certification would be granted by the UK government by the time it was reviewed.

“Nigeria’s standing has not changed,” he stated. Nigeria is not on the list of nations that require a 14-day quarantine in a UK-supervised facility.

“The statement issued by the UK Government is consistent with the statement issued last week, according to which Nigerians would continue to be isolated upon arrival in the UK. This is comparable to our demand that visitors from the United Kingdom isolate themselves for seven days upon arriving in Nigeria.

“The Presidential Steering Committee is evaluating these requirements.” We have contacted the British government. As stated explicitly in their letter, the current list of nations with authorised vaccination certification has just recently begun in the UK.

“They are conducting a phased assessment of the country’s programmes. If you look attentively at the list of 50, you will see that no African country made the cut. When it comes to our turn, we are more than likely to be authorised in the following weeks. The evaluation procedure, as indicated by the UK government, would take place in stages.”

Shuaib also mentioned that in recent weeks, the agency has stepped up campaigns to encourage people to take the second dosage, utilising a variety of media techniques, stakeholders, and community interactions.

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