BBNaija Day 7: The Jacuzzi party and Beatrice's emotional meltdown

BBNaija Day 7: The Jacuzzi party and Beatrice’s emotional meltdown

The housemates hardly slept through the night as they had a long jacuzzi party to commemorate their first win of the Task presentation. Emmanuel and Liquorose spent their night dancing and flirting together. Emmanuel the rich Housemate had enough attention to himself last night with Arin and Peace stepping in to disturb their bond. They didn’t keep him for long as he sneaked back to Liquorose

While Housemates were having a good time, Beatrice had an of her own as she broke down and cried the night away. Peace, the HoH stepped in to comfort an emotional Beatrice as she revealed her worries about not getting along with her fellow Housemates, making her question if she fits in. Her emotions have run high in the past few days and we can’t help but feel sorry for her intense experience so far as it’s also making it difficult for her to get to know other Housemates. 

Housemates have also commented on her eccentric mood swings as hard to place, which may explain why she feels isolated and different from everyone else. Could the Housemates not be understanding of the pressure she is going through, especially now as she has been singled out as a possible wildcard by the person, she confided in.  

We may not know how her days will turn around but we sure hope she gets herself back.

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