BBNaija Day 5: Tough Times ahead as the House is running out of food

BBNaija Day 5: Tough Times ahead as the House is running out of food

Tough times ahead as the Head of House calls for more careful food consumption.

It’s only day four in the Big Brother Naija House – and food is already a topic of discussion among the Housemates. Would it still be drama if the Housemates do not run out of food? Absolutely not!  

We have been seeing some delicious food moments on our screens, from Housemates frying up individual feasts for breakfast to everyone snacking to their heart’s content. But now, the Shine Ya Eye gang is running out of food supplies.  

This was brought to House’s attention by Whitemoney, who is a perpetual visitor in the kitchen. Whitemoney has taken up a privileged position as a chef, and on any given day, you will find him cooking up a storm for everyone. 

Following the events happening this morning, Whitemoney called the Head of House Peace to the kitchen and told her there was some serious food wastage happening. They decided to try and find ways to manage what they have left until they go supply shopping

Peace the HoH made out some kitchen and pantry ground rules. This is to stop the Housemates from cooking individual meals, and rather, fix food for at least 11 of them at a time.  

As it stands, the geng is out of noodles and Whitemoney mentioned this morning that people have been reckless. He pulled out milk packets that were open but not finished, as well as half-finished loaves of bread.  

Peace also encouraged the Housemates to clean up after themselves with Tega adding, “We have to coexist – if it were your House, you would not do this thing.” The rest of the Housemates appeared to be co-operative, but the game could easily take a turn. If they lose their wager, will that have a bearing on the money they will have ready for groceries next week? Probably! 

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