Genopets is a soon-to-be-released play-to-earn (P2E) game based on the Solana blockchain. Its goal is to combine blockchain technology and progressive gaming mechanisms to encourage players to take better care of their brains and bodies.

The game is the first to reward players for keeping active by utilising the unique qualities of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). $GENE, which is largely used for governance and staking, and $KI, which is utilised as in-game money, are the two tokens. Aside from that, most assets are represented as NFTs, which are completely owned and tradeable by the players.

Albert Chen and Benjamin Tse co-founded Genopets. Chen is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur with a background in engineering, economics, and marketing. He is also the co-founder of Mask, a blockchain platform that allows users to transmit bitcoins to other users via social media.

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Tse, on the other hand, has been working in the blockchain industry since 2016 and has over 16 years of product design, UI/UX, and SaaS expertise. In early 2021, he worked as an adviser for the multi-chain NFT marketplace for a short time.

What Is Genopets and How Does It Work?

Genopets is centred on one-of-a-kind digital animals that are meant to develop and adapt in response to their owner’s real-world actions. Each Genopet’s potential may be developed by sharing personal data and completing tasks, enhancing its stats and better preparing it for war.

Genopets presents the ‘Move to Get’ idea, which is a development of the Play to Earn paradigm, in which users earn rewards for exercising their minds and bodies. The game will ultimately incorporate biometric data from a variety of popular data collection devices, including Google Fit, Fitbit, Oura, and others, such as heart rate, sleep, and activity. These will be included in the game, allowing players to gain KI simply by being active.

Each Genopet is sculpted through nurture and battle and is imprinted with the player’s personality and fitness statistics. The nurturing elements are aimed at physically challenging people, whilst the fight mechanics are aimed at cognitively challenging them.

Apart from the overall Move to Earn premise, which rewards players with $KI tokens for their real-world action, the game allows users to stratify their earning potential in three ways:

  • Trainers can play Genopets with the goal of improving and evolving their Genopets in order to sell them on the open market and earn money.
  • Merchants can buy, build, and terraform habitats in order to farm and refine rare and expensive crystals to sell on the open market.
  • Landlord – Landlords can buy habitats and lease them to other players to ensure a consistent supply of resources.

Genopets’ fighting system allows users to asynchronously engage in many battles, as well as a decentralised prediction market where viewers may earn $KI for correctly guessing battle victors. Battles are turn-based, and the user’s success is primarily determined by how well they do in a variety of difficult mini-games.

Users will be able to spend their KI on a range of goods for their Genopet, including food, clothes, and accessories, as well as further customising their Genopet’s move set and skill tree to match their personality and style.

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The game has a large number of player-owned objects that may be exchanged on the Genopets marketplace or any other compatible external NFT platform. New NFT assets will be sold at a pace that supports the economic structure on a regular basis; they will include consumables (such as food, potions, and land resources) as well as non-consumable assets (e.g. aesthetics, equipment, land, and homes).

Refined Crystals are used to change a Genopet’s evolution or improve its look and moves.
Genopets live, evolve and gain daily Ki rewards in their habitats. They’re also useful for making Gene Crystals and other things.

Holders of the platform’s native governance token, $GENE, may use a decentralised proposal and voting mechanism to influence the game’s development and direction. $GENE may also be staked to increase daily prizes and is utilised in the game for creating and refining Crystal NFTs.

A demo version of the game is currently available to play, giving gamers a taste of the quality and features to come in the full edition. Aside from that, the Genopets team intends to release the game in phases, as detailed in the official whitepaper.

What Sets Genopets Apart?

Few play-to-earn games offer the appropriate balance of incentives, innovation, and features to truly set themselves apart from the pack in an increasingly competitive market. Genopets, on the other hand, is attempting to establish itself as a pathfinder by rethinking some popular blockchain gaming mechanics and offering a slew of new features of its own. Above all, Genopets provides users with a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

The following are some of its primary differentiating characteristics:

It’s completely free to play

Unlike many other play-to-earn games, there is no initial investment required to start playing Genopets. Genopets may be summoned for free, and users can start earning $KI tokens right immediately. Users may, however, decide to acquire extra NFTs and things from the marketplace or during a sale event in order to advance faster.

Genopets is one of the first high-quality games developed in the Solana ecosystem. As a result, it benefits from the Solana blockchain’s large throughput and scalability, as well as near-instant and low-cost transactions. This assures that it can serve hundreds of thousands of concurrent users without experiencing congestion or the gas fee issues that have plagued Ethereum-based blockchain games.

Mobile and Wearable Integration

By connecting with mobile devices running Google Fit or Apple Health, Genopets hopes to collect step activity data from the real world. Additional activity and health data will be used with time thanks to integrations with a variety of popular wearables. To appeal to the widest possible audience, this will largely focus on the most popular devices and apps, while guaranteeing that the data cannot be manipulated for $KI farming reasons.

Make a Move to Earn

Genopets is the first game to implement the move to earn’ principle, allowing players to earn $KI for improving their health and fitness. Genopets plans to include more forms of fitness data in the future, as well as the most popular fitness applications, to ensure that only authentic, high-quality data is utilised to create and enhance a user’s Genopet.

Schedule for Long-Term Vesting

Genopets features exceptionally sustainable tokenomics, unlike many play-to-earn games, which are plagued by significant inflation due to both the constant unlocking of early-stage investor tokens and the slow release of in-game prizes. A one-year lockup is required of all private sale investors, followed by a one-year linear vest. When you combine this with a long-term strategy for NFT production and trading, you’ve got a recipe for long-term success.

More Earn Pioneers by Playing

Despite its youth, the blockchain gaming sector has already produced a number of trailblazing companies that are raising the standard and exposing new audiences.

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