Afghan Girls Return To School After Taliban Takeover

Afghan Girls Return To School After Taliban Takeover

As the school opened its doors, the students walked through corridors and talked in patios, apparently ignoring the turmoil in the past two weeks.

This week, just days following the fall of government forces and the local militia, AFP cameraman to the scenes, a scene that many feared was banned under the Taliban. Such scenes were shot by an AFP cameraman.

“Like other countries, we want to move forward,” Roqia said.
“And we hope to keep the Taliban safe. We don’t want war, in our country we want peace.”
The previous trade route city of the urban centre has long been a cosmopolitan exception to additional conservation centres with its shut proximity to the Iranian border.

Women and ladies walked freely within the streets, attending massive numbers of faculties} and colleges in a very city famed for poetry and art.
However, its future within the long run remains unsure.

In accordance with the hard-line shariah law obligatory on girls and ladies by the Taliban within the Nineties, education and employment were largely denied.

Full face cowl was needed publicly, and while not a male companion, girls couldn’t leave home.
What is ahead of us? – Public executions and floggings, as well as corporal punishment.

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