8 Effective Ways To Handle Phone Addiction

8 Effective Ways To Handle Phone Addiction

Mobile phones for sure have become an essential commodity in this modern world. There is a lot it can actually do for us, it goes beyond making and receiving calls and text messages. The tons of apps available for social media, games, streaming, trading and many more. All these apps can keep us glued to our phones for hours, whiling away the time we could use to achieve greater things. Do not get me wrong here, a lot of people have their businesses done with their phones. They trade, communicate with customers, stream videos for youtube and so on to make money. If you find it very difficult to get off your phone when it is not generating income for you, then you might want to redirect your steps by considering following some of the steps below to recover your time and channel it to a more productive

Phone addiction has ruined many relationships, put a lot of anxiety and depression in individuals when they cannot access their phones.

I know of one young man who was given an opportunity to win a grand prize of $200 000 if only he could forfeit being with his phone for at least 3-months. He could not last two weeks in the game, he had to quit on the notation that he cannot do without his phone.

Let’s look at effective ways to handle phone addiction.

8 Effective Ways To Handle Phone Addiction

1.Take statics of how long you use your phone

It is very important to keep a record of how long you stay guided to your phone if you want to tackle phone addiction. Identify what pulls you into your phone in the first place whether it’s texting, social media or scrolling through the internet. and then you check if you are benefiting in a positive way.

2. Set time spent on phone

Set a timer to remind you of how many hours you’ve been on your phone. Make a timetable for your daily activities including time to be on your phone and time to get out of it. Be in charge of your phone, don’t allow your phone to deny you all other things you could do to improve yourself.

8 Effective Ways To Handle Phone Addiction
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3. Dismiss fears of been left out

Sometimes when we don’t operate our phones for hours maybe because the phone is down or because we ran out of data, we begin to feel that we are missing out on a whole, we will no longer belong to the modern society. it is important to know that you are doing just fine without being on your phone. Use that time wisely by meditating on things that will help grow your life. I am here to tell you that you are not missing anything. It will still be there waiting for you when you choose to go back to your phone. Control your phone, do not let your phone control you.

4. Check out healthier activities

The best way to change behaviour is better achieved when you replace that behaviour with a different one. If you feel like scrolling unimportantly through your phone, take a pause, think of something else you can do at the moment like reading a book, taking a walk or even exercising…etc. It will help keep you out of your phone for a while until it becomes a habit.

5. Set no-phone zones

Set no-phone zones, This works perfectly well in my home. My husband and kids are not allowed to bring phones to the dining or the study room because it is a no-phone area. Whosoever makes the mistake will have to wash the dishes and tidy the house.

6. Turn off notifications

Turning off-post/message notifications will help reduce how fast you are to reach out to your phone and end up spending hours on it.

7. Get rid of apps you can use your laptop for

Before mobile phones came to invoke, we had our laptops and desktop to carry out some tasks. There is nothing wrong with going back to them now. Using phones for important tasks can be more time consuming than using your laptops or desktop. Text messages keep flying in to be replied to, notifications for new video updates to be watched. You discover that at the end of long hours spent on your phone you are yet to achieve your goal. Keep your phone aside and switch to your laptop or desktop.

8. Set a no phone date rule

When you are out on a date or hanging out with friends, it could be quite hard to avoid staring into your phone. It is necessary to set a phone rule which could be turning off your phone while on the table or whosoever gets to look into their phone will have to pay the bills. Set the rules that work for you.

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