6 Unbelievable Secrets to Maintain the Spark in your Marriage

6 Unbelievable Secrets to Maintain the Spark in your Marriage

Getting married to the love of your life comes with an amazing feeling. To remain in love and still be married could be a great job for both parties. There will be times you fall out of love with your partner but your ability to still maintain a good relationship with your partner during those times will depend on the following;

Active Communication

No matter the situation, always talk to each other about everything. When there is nothing to talk about, ask little help from your partner. This will help keep the communication in check.

Doing Something Romantic/Nice

Always go out of your way to do something nice and romantic for your partner. Buy him/her a gift. Be thoughtful, when you get something for yourself, get for your partner also. Such actions warm the heart and spark up some feelings within.

Being Respectful

At all costs my dear, be respectful to your partner. Remember “Respect is reciprocal”, you give what you want. You can expect respect from a partner, you disrespect. Even in an argument/fight be respectful to each other.

Being Sensitive

Be sensitive to the way your partner reacts to some actions and words you display. Do not be disrespectful even in the jokes you crack. Some jokes can jokingly be disrespectful to your partner.

Doing Fun Things Together

Find out what your partner like doing for fun. If it is a game or sports, take your time to learn it too. Let him/her teach you how to do it. Participate in things together and explore alot of new things together.

Keeping the sex active

Now this aspect is very important. In every possible means always have sex with your partner. Explore and try out new sex techniques together. Do it anytime and anywhere.

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