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6 cheaper Spotify Alternatives In 2022

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, with over 70 million tracks and, more recently, 2.2 million podcast items. In terms of subscriber counts, it’s also one of the most popular platforms. However, the corporation has made headlines in recent weeks as a result of user and musician criticism.

The uproar began when Spotify’s podcasting heavyweight Joe Rogan regularly broadcasted vaccination falsehoods, prompting Neil Young and then Joni Mitchell to pull their entire catalogues from the site in support of medical and scientific communities.

“They [Spotify] can have Rogan or Young,” Young stated in a statement. “Neither.” The musician’s choice sparked a reaction against the streaming service, with an increasing number of consumers cancelling their subscriptions.

The issue erupted after Spotify raised the price of some of its premium memberships last year, forcing many of its roughly 7 million customers to pay more to listen to their favourite tracks offline, ad-free, and with unlimited skips.

This was the platform’s largest price hike to date, impacting anybody on the Spotify Premium Family tier, as well as students, who saw their membership jump from £4.99 to £5.99, and those on the Premium Duo subscription tier, who saw a £1 per month increase.

Whether you’re a fan of Neil or seeking to switch due to rising membership fees, there are a lot of alternatives that offer a similar browsing and listening experience. Below are some of our favourite choices.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Spotify Alternatives

Individual plan: £7.99 to £9.99 a month 

Student plan: £4.99 per month  

Family plan: £14.99 per month (up to six members)

Is there a free trial? New users get a one-month free trial while existing users get three months when they buy a qualifying product, such as an Echo Dot.

Amazon Music Unlimited was comparable to Spotify Premium before the price increase, but the new pricing makes Amazon Music Unlimited a more enticing alternative. Plus, if you’re a Prime member, its individual membership is still less than Spotify’s.

With an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, you may listen to 75 million songs without being interrupted by advertisements. If you’re already a Prime member, you get instant access to 2 million songs. A single-device membership is available for £3.99 per month if you possess an Amazon Echo Dot (£44.99, or Amazon Fire Stick (£29.99,

YouTube Music

Individual plan: £9.99 per month 

Student plan: £4.99 per month 

Family plan: £14.99 per month (up to six members)

Free trial? A one-month free trial is offered with a paid subscription

YouTube Music used to cost the same as Spotify, but now you may pay a bit less, just like Amazon Music Unlimited.

You may listen to ad-free songs, albums, remixes, live performances, and music videos on YouTube Music, which offers a variety of playlists depending on what you’ve already listened to.

Subscribers may also download or upload up to 50,000 songs to listen to while they are not connected to the internet.

Apple Music

Spotify Alternatives

Individual plan: £9.99 per month

Student plan: £4.99 per month (with the first six months free)

Family plan: £14.99 per month (up to six members)

Free trial? A three-month free trial is available for new members 

Apple Music is now cheaper than Spotify, which was formerly the same pricing. Apple Music has 70 million songs to listen to, and iPhone users may take advantage of a three-month free trial before committing to a subscription.

You get ad-free listening and the chance to download 100,000 tracks with a membership.


Individual plan: £11.99 per month

Student plan: £5.99 per month   

Family plan: £17.99 per month (up to six members)

Free trial? A three-month free trial for new users

Deezer works in a similar way to Spotify in that it is free if you are willing to put up with advertisements.

There are podcasts to listen to in addition to music, and the app may be used with an Amazon Echo or Sonos device. There is over 73 million pieces of music to choose from.


Spotify Alternatives

Single plan: £9.99 (up to three devices)

Free trial? A 30-day free trial with the paid subscription

SoundCloud boasts a massive library of 180 million recordings, most of which are posted directly by artists. It’s designed for music makers and individuals looking for less mainstream performers.

Offline and ad-free listening is available with SoundCloud Go+. The Go+ plan does not include a family plan, but it does allow you to listen on up to three devices.


Individual plan: £9.99 per month or £19.99 per month for Tidal Hi-Fi Plus

Student plan: £4.99 per month or £9.99 for Tidal Hi-Fi Plus

Family plan: £14.99 per month or £29.99 per month for Tidal Hi-Fi Plus (up to six members) 

Free trial? A 90-day free trial for new subscribers

While the Hi-Fi Plus edition of Tidal is still much more costly than Spotify, the regular membership is still less expensive than Spotify.

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Tidal distinguishes itself as a high-fidelity sound streaming service. It was created by rapper Jay-Z and comprises exclusive music by Beyoncé and Kanye West, among others. It advertises itself as providing lossless music that sounds exactly as the creators intended, and it pays musicians one of the highest per-play royalties in the industry.

You can listen to 60 million songs with a normal membership, but the more costly Hi-Fi Plus subscription provides you with lossless audio.

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