5 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking that worked for me

5 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking that worked for me

One of the things one can easily get addicted to is smoking cigarettes and it comes with long term, adverse health effects. There is hope for someone who is determined to quit, you must make a final decision to stop it. Some substances or chemicals can be addictive and cigarettes happen to contain one of them called Tobacco*

Now let look at the effective ways that help me and can also help you or someone we love quit smoking.

5 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking that worked for me

1. Determination to ‘stay quit’

Determination is a key to success. likewise for you to succeed in this, you must be determined to ‘stay quit’. Make that mind up. Set out goals starting for smaller goals and be determined to achieve those goals. When I quit smoking, I still found myself once in a while going back to it especially when I had a bad day. What did I do next, I recognised the fact that a bad day makes me go back to smoking, then I came up with solutions to handle a bad day and not turn to cigarettes. This one worked for me.

2. Learn from your mistakes

Relapsing is a common thing when trying to quit smoking. My attempts to quit smoking went through rough roads. I called a total quit after 10 relapses, to show you the level of my addiction. So, it is normal for you to quit and still go back to it. My relapses were often triggered by having a bad day, you know I did? Yes, you can do, first I recognised what triggers me to go back to smoking, then I learnt from it and also learnt how to take of care or handle my triggers. So my darling whenever you have that strong urge to go back to smoking, take a pause and identify what made you crave for it. Write it down if you must and map out a way to handle such situations. Is going to be hard dear but can definitely do it if you set your mind to do it. Some get triggered when they see another friend or a loved one smoking, kindly leave the space for them and probably take a walk. This strategy worked for me too.

3. Use phone lines and apps for support

Our Smartphones can help serve a great good to you on your journey to quit smoking. It can be used to download apps that can help you stop smoking. You can also call the CDC to fund a tobacco cessation hotline, 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669), it is free to US residents in all states, including the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. the app iCanQuit, which was assisted by a grant from the US National Institutes of Health. The app helps in handling cravings when they arise.

5 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking that worked for me
5 Effective Ways to Quit Smoking that worked for me

4. Talk to your medical personel/counsellor

If you are struggling to quit smoking, just have in mind that it is okay to talk to your doctor. Your doctor could help you out with healthy strategies to help. doctors can also help with medications that will minimize cigarette cravings. Also, have a counsellor to speak to and discuss things out. Be open, talk about your struggles, your success and plans for the future.

5. Seek support from loved ones

Now this one is very important. If you really want to quit smoking, you need all the support you can get from your loved ones. tell them the battle you’re fighting. You would find the strength you need to quit cigarette smoking from the words of encouragement from them.

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