12-Year-Old Artist Makes Millions from Art Sales as NFTs

12-Year-Old Artist Makes Millions from Art Sales as NFTs

Nyla Hayes, a 12-year-old digital artist, has amassed a fortune through the selling of her digital artwork in the form of NFTs. Nyla has a small Instagram following of fewer than 5,000 people. Her mother is in charge of the website, which functions as an art gallery where her works are showcased.

Her Long Neckies Ladies (LNL) series is one of her most well-known designs. She also established NFT Children’s Day.

Nyla was believed to have started drawing by hand at the age of four then digitally at the age of nine when her parents bought her a phone. Her one-of-a-kind digital collection was inspired by a children’s show called Brontosaurus, which featured dinosaurs, thus the stretched photos of various ladies.

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) started validating legitimate digital artists who sell them as NFTs and confirming the digital arts’ validity to limit the sale of phoney NFTs and prevent doubtful persons from cheating consumers. One of the numerous reasons why digital artists, such as Nyla Hayes, are certified on many social networking sites is because of this.

Nyla learnt more about NFTs after being exposed to them by her uncle on YouTube. She studied how they are made, how they operate, and how they are sold.

She has generated over 960 ETH, which is $4.1 million at the time of publishing this article, from the sale of her LongNeckieLadies line. She is, in fact, the inaugural Artist-in-Residence at TIMEPieces. This is a TIME online community.

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While introducing her as the first Artist-in-Residence, TIME President Keith A. Grossman described her and her collection as an inspiration to many in the NFT sector. Nyla has also established herself as a role model for “the next generation of young artists,” according to him.

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